Jason Harrington: Storm on the River (2007)

Storm on the River – Jason Harrington (2007)

Album Title: Storm on the River
Artist/Band Name: Jason Harrington
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Americana, Rock

“Storm on the River” is the powerful debut solo album by Jason Harrington, a seasoned artist rooted in the rich musical heritage of South Louisiana. Released in 2007 under Right-Note Records and co-produced by Shelton Skerrett and Harrington himself, this album marks a significant milestone in Harrington’s career, showcasing his prowess as a songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist.

Track List

  1. Blood in the Water
  2. Dogs
  3. Call Me Up
  4. Heart of Stone
  5. Helloween Woman
  6. Pistol in my Pocket
  7. Hey Billie
  8. Takes a Lot of Greed
  9. Transcendental Rift
  10. Walking Cliche
  11. No Place to Be
  12. Wasted Words
  13. What’s the Weight
  14. Storm on the River
  15. Let Go

The album delves into deep existential themes, touching on fear, uncertainty, paranoia, and societal issues such as gender roles and greed. Harrington’s songwriting is infused with a sense of social critique, blending storytelling with a strong emotional undercurrent.

One of the standout tracks, “Call Me Up,” captures the essence of the album’s introspective and poignant lyricism:

If you ever hear a hollow sound
Anytime you hear that lonesome hollow sound
If you find yourself looking for a friend in a dead man’s town
You can call me up
Call me up I’ll be around

This refrain, with its haunting imagery and promise of solidarity, encapsulates the album’s recurring motifs of loneliness and human connection amidst despair.

“Storm on the River” is heavily influenced by Harrington’s experiences as a struggling artist and his commitment to championing the underdog. The album’s roots in Americana and rock are enriched by the musical traditions of South Louisiana, reflecting Harrington’s deep connection to his community and musical upbringing.

  • Producers: Shelton Skerrett and Jason Harrington
  • Musicians:
    • Jason Harrington: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
    • Benny Hasha: Bass
    • Frank Kincel: Drums
    • Paul Tassin: Piano
    • Denny Skerrett: Saxophone
    • Shelton Skerrett: Electric Guitar

Critics lauded “Storm on the River” for its insightful and powerful lyrics, praising Harrington’s ability to merge foot-stomping grooves with cerebral social commentary. Fans responded passionately to the album’s raw and authentic performances, cementing Harrington’s reputation as a genuine and impactful artist.

Anne Falgout encapsulates the essence of Harrington’s music: “With Jason, you always get the real deal. He gravitates towards roots music, and that’s reflected in the songs he writes and plays; foot-stomping grooves and cerebral tunes turned social commentary fill his setlist and contribute to the authentic feel that Jason is often associated with.”

The album’s visual presentation, with photography by Phil Schneider and Joeann Harrington, complements its musical depth, providing a visual narrative that enhances the listening experience.

The album’s release show in September 2007 at Grant Street Dancehall in Lafayette, LA, was a testament to Harrington’s strong local following and his ability to captivate live audiences. “Storm on the River” continues to resonate, drawing comparisons to the storytelling prowess of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, and stands as a significant contribution to the Americana and rock genres.

In “Storm on the River,” Jason Harrington channels his life’s experiences, the vibrant culture of South Louisiana, and a deep well of musical influences to create an album that is as thought-provoking as it is musically compelling.