Jason Harrington: In Terms of Major Roots (2014)

Jason Harrington’s “In Terms of Major Roots” serves as a follow-up to his debut album, “Storm on the River.” This second offering marks his first self-produced album, showcasing his multifaceted musical talent as he plays nearly all the instruments himself. The only exceptions are the tuba and background vocals on “Happy People,” contributed by Chuck Guardia, Ashley Champagne, and Theresa […]

Specklers: No Egrets (2020)

“No Egrets” is a rhythmic powerhouse, embracing full instrumentation that includes traditional South Louisiana instruments like the fiddle, accordion, and washboard. The melodies are rich and infused with the earthy tones of the region’s musical heritage, while the harmonies create a compelling backdrop to the rhythmic intensity. Produced by Jason Harrington and Lucas Broussard in Kaplan, Louisiana, the album boasts […]

Specklers: Animal Monk (2019)

“Animal Monk” is the follow-up to Specklers’ previous album “In the Clover.” This album leans heavily into Americana and folk influences, featuring predominantly acoustic instruments. It draws from South Louisiana musical styles and focuses on themes of environmental consciousness, existential contemplation, and social criticism. The album is rich in melody, harmony, and rhythm, with a heavy reliance on acoustic instruments […]

Specklers: In the Clover (2011)

Release Date: 2011Genre: Americana/RockRecord Label: Ravis Records Introduction: “In the Clover” marks the debut album of Specklers, a band that skillfully blends Americana and rock influences with a unique touch of South Louisiana cultural music. Released in 2011 under Ravis Records, this album showcases the band’s commitment to authenticity, with all tracks recorded in analog format on 8-track tape. The […]

Jason Harrington: Storm on the River (2007)

Storm on the River – Jason Harrington (2007) Album Title: Storm on the RiverArtist/Band Name: Jason HarringtonRelease Date: 2007Genre: Americana, Rock “Storm on the River” is the powerful debut solo album by Jason Harrington, a seasoned artist rooted in the rich musical heritage of South Louisiana. Released in 2007 under Right-Note Records and co-produced by Shelton Skerrett and Harrington himself, […]